Smart Street Lighting System

Smart Street Lighting System

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Smart street lighting system

Smart public lighting system

  1. Wire less GSM / GPRS systems With CityLight software for constant monitoring, controlling and logging of switching on time, RTC data, electricity parameters and faults. 

  2. Fast detection of errors by feeder pillar and along with GPRS and GSM communication the street lights are always online any fault in street lighting electrical circuits is known to the operator within sort time. Simultaneously User settable Mobil no of supervisor and technician for instantaneous fault reporting.

  3. Unit self generate data massage   like, ON time, Off Time, Power Down time, Auto mode, Manual Mode,  Volt Fault, Over Current Fault, Short Circuit Fault, Neutral Fault, RTC Fault, Memory Fault, Low Ampere Fault, Door Open, Relay Fault, Calibration Data, and acknowledge the massage received from master like E Stop, Test Mode, Live Status, E Profile, parameter update, All this massage contain All electrical parameter with real-time clock date and time. it send to CityLight software through GSM/GPRS systems.